Här är videohälsning från Håkan Hellström!
"Jag utan dig" släpps som singel idag, och det är nu bara två veckor kvar till turnépremiär.
Ses i sommar!

Published 05.26.17

Jag utan dig

Håkans låt "Jag utan dig" släpps som singel nu på fredag den 26/5!
Perfekt uppvärmning inför sommarturnén som startar i Stockholm den 9:e juni.
Ses där!

Published 05.26.17

Pre-order the new album by Vita Bergen on vinyl!

We just got a special delivery to the office, William from Vita Bergen with a brand new album in his hands!

The new album will be released 2nd June. But now it's up and running for pre-orders.

Pre-order one of the 500 copies of "Retriever" here!

Published 05.18.17

"Turn on, tune in, drop out - a cliché, but true." - Ruby Empress in a long interview with XYZ Magazine

The Brittish XYZ Magazine recently published a long interview with Ruby Empress. About the future, a typical day and what music they're listening to right now.

Describe a typical day for Ruby Empress….

- Turn on, tune in, drop out - a cliché, but true.

Read the article here.

Published 05.16.17


Henrik Berggren's new album "Wolf's Heart" is #1 on the Swedish Physical Album List this week. We're overwhelmed about the support, thanks to everyone who's bought, streamed and listened.

This Friday we released an additional three tracks from the album on Spotify, it's all there if you tune in below.

Published 05.13.17