Nicole Sabouné

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Nicole Sabouné made her debut in 2012 with her single “Unseen Footage From a Forthcoming Funeral” that was closely followed by singles “Win This Life”, “I Surrender” and ”Conquer or Suffer” that all made way for her debut album Must Exist in the winter of 2014.

“With gothic darkness, guitar stringed as hard as a bow and a voice that holds no prisoners she makes explosive music that brings thoughts to Siouxie & The Banshees and early The Cure. That without any risk of drawing the middle aged listeners who won’t give up on the 1980’s. Nicole Sabouné is as contemporary as a pirated “Game of Thrones”-episode.” Jan Gradvall

Her album “Miman” was released October 11, 2015. Imagine if the movies Omen, the Road and Carrie was melted down into was and pressed as a record, it would sound something like this. The album has gotten praised from several newspapers:

“It’s hard to imagine a better comfort when the world is moving around” – 5/5 Dagens Nyheter

“A dystopian, sweet and awesome album that is one of the most interesting ones this autumn” - 4/5 Aftonbladet

“Full hit that attracts the beautiful in the dark” – 6/6 Gaffa